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Sometimes it’s hard to find the words…

Dear Miss Pickles,

As you know, today was Election Day. We have had many conversations about the two main candidates and what I felt were the fundamental differences between them. 

And now the election is over, and Mr.Trump has been elected as our next President. Luckily, you are sleeping, so that gives Mommy a little bit of time to think about how I will explain his victory to you. 

As Mommy has said to you the difference between our two major political parties is their approach to how we solve problems.But this was different. During his campaign, Mr. Trump, in my opinion, has not appealed to our better angels. Instead, he has made fun of the disabled, made disparaging remarks about women’s appearances, made broad sweeping condemnations of groups of people, and exposed the true racist and xenophobic nature of many people in this country… Among other things…

And this person, who has displayed all the things that your father and I strive to teach you not to be, is now our President-Elect.

And I’m at a loss for words as to how to explain it to you in the morning. How did someone who spewed and incited and encouraged such divisiveness become the leader of our nation?  

I have no idea. 

But I will say this, your father and I will continue to show you a better world. One that is inclusive and diverse. One that shows kindness and caring. We, along with our friends and family, will work extra hard to create this world, the one I wish you would have inherited this morning. 

We will be ok. 

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