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Big Pharma & This Diabetic Life

I was having this conversation just the other day with my husband and a good friend. I’ll share my story. As you all (may or may not) know, I’m diabetic and I wear an insulin pump. So let me share some math with you…. 
This is what I pay before I meet my insurance deductible…
Insulin- $200 x 2 vials per month

Insulin pump- $300 per month

Testing supplies- $-100 per month 

GSM (glucose sensor monitor) supplies-$300 per month 

Other supplies- batteries for pump, alcohol wipes, skin protectant 
So all in total I pay over $1100 a month for a drug and equipment that I need to stay alive. And that’s not including when I have to replace my GSM ($1100) or my pump (~$2k)….
I’m not sharing this to complain, because I’m blessed to be able to pay this amount for the first few months of the year. 
But what about those who don’t have insurance or significant earnings???? 

What do they do?
Big Pharma needs to be reigned in!!!!

The EpiPen Wasn’t Alone: Price Gouging on Insulin Draws Outrage

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