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I Am A Human Being. 

These past few weeks have been very trying for many communities, including this one. For me, it was been very telling about who is a part of my FBF. Those in my FBF are from every walk of life, education level, socioeconomic level….you name it. And while I have not always agreed with everything, nor am I (or you) obligated to, I have enjoyed the diversity of discourse. Recently however, I have not enjoyed this diversity. Particularly when it has called for violence, and even death, against a person or a group that you may not agree with, is beyond the pale.

I’ve seen posts on my timeline with respect to the #BLM movement, that these “idiots” should be “bombed” and other atrocious comments of the same vein. I’ve seen things about wishing harm to the President. 




It is unacceptable, not because I disagree. But these posts demonstrate a lack of humanity. I mean really, suggesting to bomb someone because of how they choose to protest.??? Seriously??? 
It scares me, to be honest with you. It tells me of a darkness in your character that I didn’t see before. It means I can’t really trust that you are who you have portrayed yourself to be in your interactions with me. 
At the end of the day, these folk are human, just like you. They have people who love them and would miss them, just like you. They believe in their causes passionately, just like you. 
If this post has given you pause, I hope it gives you an opportunity to reflect and consider some of the things that you have said and written. Perhaps it will change your heart. Perhaps this will mark the end of our friendship. 
I’m ok with that. 
Be well. Love one another. 

Dr Peaches, 

Member of the Human Race

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