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Vacationing Together Separately

Travel Skill: Recognizing different vacation styles 

On our recent trip to Paris, I discovered, or rather surrendered to something… my family and I vacation differently. Which is a challenge when we vacation together. 
I’m the type who likes to get up in the morning and get out into the whatever part of the world I happen to visit at the time. There’s so much to see and do, and I want the lion’s share of experience. I could very easily leave at mid-morning and not come back until well past dark…Everyday.

Now don’t get me wrong, outside of my tradition of seeing a sunrise at least one morning of my journey, I am not really an early riser. But I also recognize that many of the attractions I really enjoy, museums for example, have shorter operating hours and often times longer lines. So… ya gotta get up and get out to have the experience that you wish to have. 

Outside of that, I enjoy allowing myself to wake up naturally, which for me occurs after about 6-7 hours no matter what. 

My husband and Miss Pickles are different. Miss Pickles prefers to sleep late, and then be very leisurely (read: slow) in getting herself together for the day. This chick really thinks she is royalty…

So here is where the dilemma lies. How to balance these two styles of travel personality, and have everybody be happy. 

Let me let you in on a secret…. you can’t. 

There is no in between. Either I’m brooding because I’m ready to hit the streets and the waiting for them is interminable, or I’m dragging them out of the bed and have to deal with the bemoaning of sleepiness and such. 

So here’s what I embraced… travel together separately. Some days, I just went it alone. I got up and out sans my people. And everyone was happy. It was truly a luxury to be out by myself, discovering Paris, and enjoying the solitude. Later in the day, I would return to meet up with them, and then we’d do something together. I even set up tours that met in the later parts of the early afternoon, so that everyone’s travel goals can be met. 

Out and about solo!
I. Am. A. Genius.

How I feel:(Getting my cards from Acme is taking longer than expected, because Acme…)

So while it is great to do things together, it can be more satisfactory to recognize the travel personalities that you’re dealing with and go with the flow. 

Happy faces!!

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