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Once a fan, always a fan…

Dear Prince,
Last night’s performance was truly…. Magical. Watching you perform your craft so masterfully, was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. You transported me back to the 7 year old girl, who was completely mesmerized and transfixed by you. 

Yes, I remember the first time I saw you. I was 7, and you were on American Bandstand. I had never, ever, in my 7 years of living seen a creature as magnificent as you, and was thunderstruck. I’ve been a fan ever since. You are one of only a few folks that I’ve ever encountered that I can remember the very first sighting or meeting. 

And so I was, last night, that little girl, staring at your beauty, and basking in your aura of true genius and love. It was as if no one else was in the Fox Theatre and the concert was heard only be me. I felt that I was drawn into a space where I should not have been, but was powerless and undesiring to leave it. 

Your music is the soundtrack of my youth, and more than 30 years later, I surprised myself at my reaction to you. I literally felt that I would pass out, and trembled for several minutes before I could regain any semblance of composure. Your seamlessness with your instruments, your piano and your voice, was apparent. Your voice is just as powerful as it has been, touching my very soul, moving me to tears when you played my favorite song, and resonating in my memory even as I write this. 

I’m grateful for the experience, not only last night, but of most of my life, with your music. Yours if truly a gift from God, and the universe is infinitely better because of it. 
Your fan, 


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