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Falling Forward

Invisible Boundaries

In the pool, there was a line on the floor demarkating where the shallow end stopped and the depths began.  When swimming from the shallow end towards the deep, I would always stop and take a minute before proceeding into the deeper waters. It was my boundary, that for some reason, I could not cross. At this point, I could swim, and was fairly confident that I would not drown. So why couldn’t I cross this insignificant little line? After some time I connected an event from my childhood where I was caught in a rip current and pulled into deeper waters. I couldn’t swim. I couldn’t touch the bottom. I couldn’t see which direction was the safe one. This line in the pool represented the point in which I would be in “open water,” where I couldn’t touch the bottom and just stand up,  and I would have to depend on my fledgling swimming skills to keep me safe and get me to the wall. Once I recognized my “issue,” this line in the pool was no longer a boundary.

So my question is this….

What invisible boundaries are holding you back?

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