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Falling Forward: Facing your fears and winning

Going All In

I am an adult learner. I am learning how to swim. It has been a slow and steady process, and although this is my 4th time “learning,” I’m confident that this time the lessons will stick. While I’m impressed with my abilities and new confidence in the water, I’m more in awe of the things I’ve learned about myself and how it applies to my life. 
At the first lesson, I refused to put my face in the water. “You’re not a fish- you can’t breathe under the water,” my inner voice said. But without fully immersing my face, I’d never become the swimmer I wanted to be. So the question I posed to myself was simple… Do you want to be a swimmer, or do you want to just keep your head above water and be limited to the shallow end of the pool? 

Limitations. Hate those. 

In life, are you just keeping your head above water? In your marriage, as a parent, at your job? Or could it be that if you went all in, face and all, would you be a better version of yourself? Could you be? 

The lesson: 

Immerse yourself and be fully present. 

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  • Shani
    November 18, 2015 at 7:50 PM

    So true. Can’t half swim

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